Collecting Feedback During the Probation Period Can Give Useful Insight For the Future

“You could see straight away, that the impression he left at the interview, wasn’t the same he had made by the end of the first week” – Yet and again we hear that organizations have made mistakes not only in recruiting but also by not paying enough attention on making sure that the new employee gets accustomed in the team. Collecting feedback from the old team members and from the newbie as well in the beginning phase might have a crucial value...
360˚ degree feedback is an easy method to gather information on how the new employee is getting accustomed at the new workplace and how they are getting on. Asking colleagues is a great way to reflect on the current situation at work and help to find out the weak sports and implement changes for development. Thankfully here are tools developed for such situations to make your work easier!
Collecting feedback in the middle of the probation period is very important as it helps your decide what else can be implemented to make sure the new colleague becomes a fully integrated member of the team. It also help the newbie to find out what the organisation expects from him or her. 360˚ degree feedback is based on simple methods - objective feedback is given directly to the new employee, both from the leaders and colleagues and from other work related partners.

Main reasons in favor of using 360˚ degree feedback during probation period:

  1. You can still make changes to the behavior and attitude of the new employee.
  2. The new colleague can get feedback on whether the organisation is happy with their current development and what should or should not be changed.
  3. Organisation can give feedback on how the new team member is fitting in with the new work environment.
  4. Organisation can get feedback on whether the colleagues and leaders have made enough effort to make sure the new colleague feels comfortable and fits in with the crowd.
  5. At the end of the probation period it helps in deciding how to continue - has the new team member been successful or should they be moving on to a job better suited for them?

The 360˚ degree feedback function offered on the platform is based on the well-known method of the same name. A special environment made for such inquiries saves all data on a employee's profile and from there-on all questionnaire's related to that team member is available to all managers and the HR department.

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