Terms of use

1. User Accounts

1.1. The user account is created by an Upsteem.com employee or the user's employer. The necessary data (minimum first name, last name, email address) are entered into the system to create an account.

1.2 The user account is personal. Creating user accounts on behalf of fictional people is not allowed.

1.3. Access to the user account is granted only to those persons who, upon initial login to the user account, accept these terms and conditions.

1.4. The user or the user employer has the right to close the user account in the system.

1.5 A demo account created for the customer to test upsteem.com grants the right to use the upsteem.com environment only for the agreed amount and / or period. Upsteem.com reserves the right to delete surveys, discussions, and other data created using a demo account upon expiration of the agreed period.  

2. Legal entity

2.1. A legal entity may submit or enter into the system a list of employees associated with that legal entity. The list must include but is not limited to, the full name and email address of the person.

2.2. Upsteem.com is not responsible for the consequences of incorrect data.

2.3. Failure to pay the invoice for the services shall result in the blocking of the legal entity or its users with effect from the day following the due date for payment of the invoice. The extent of the blocking and the functionality to be blocked is up to Upsteem.com alone.

2.4. If the invoice is not paid for more than three months, Upsteem.com may block or close the legal entity profile.

2.5. The legal person shall be obliged to pay for the services already provided until the moment of termination of the services.

3. Personal data and their use

3.1 The user grants informed consent to Upsteem.com OÜ to process its personal data.

3.2 The personal data that becomes known to Upsteem.com when users are registered shall be used solely for the purpose of providing the upsteem.com service.

3.3 Personal data of the user account includes their: surname (s), first name (s), year of birth (optional), date (optional), gender (optional), email address, acceptance of the terms of use of Upsteem.com and other data or comments entered by the user.

3.4 Personal data is processed by Upsteem.com OÜ, Republic of Estonia, Tallinn, registry code 11925988.

3.5 The protection of personal data is guaranteed by all the safety measures arising from legislation.

3.6 Upsteem.com does not forward registered personal data to third parties.

3.7 Upsteem.com reserves the right to forward users’ registered personal data to third parties if required to do so by law.

3.8 The User has the right to verify, modify or delete their personal data from the register.

4. Liability

4.1 Users are obliged to use the services of Upsteem.com only in accordance with the law, based on good practice and these terms of use.

4.2. Users are solely responsible for the preservation of their data (including their passwords) and are personally liable if their profile has been amended or deleted or any other damage has been done to them due to their password being lost or passed on to third parties.

4.3. Users are responsible for all posts and activities posted as part of their profile.

4.4. Upsteem.com reserves the right, without prior notice, to block user accounts that forward messages deemed inappropriate, hateful, violent, offensive, that reveals other users' business secrets or other inappropriate content that does not correspond to the objectives of Upsteem.com. Access to system resources may also be blocked for such users.

4.5. Users and/or legal entities are fully liable for damage caused by them in violating the terms of use of Upsteem.com, the law or common sense.

4.6. Upsteem.com is not liable for:

• the content of messages posted by users;

• the truthfulness and/or legality of published information;

• Inappropriate or illegal behavior of users.

5. Disputes

Disputes concerning the Upsteem.com Terms of Use shall be resolved in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Estonia. In the event that agreement is not reached, the dispute will be resolved in Harju County Court.

6. Terms of Use

6.1 Users are obliged to read these terms and conditions.

6.2 By checking the "I accept the Terms of Use" box for the first time they log in, users confirm that they have read, understood and agreed with the terms of use.

6.3. Upsteem.com reserves the right to unilaterally amend the terms of use without prior notice to the users.

7. License plans and payment terms

7.1 The licensing plan and terms of payment shall be provided to the customer in the price quotation.

7.2 Additional license plans and terms of payment may also be included in the agreement between customer and Upsteem.com.

7.3 Customers may start using Upsteem.com after paying the license fee, after accepting to enter into a contract on the agreed date and / or after approving the quote.

8. Privacy Policy

8.1. Upsteem.com collects anonymous statistics on the site without identifying specific individuals or their activities.

8.2. Upsteem.com collects personalized information to ensure the content and quality of its service.

8.3. The processing of personal data is based on a legitimate interest, contractual obligations or law.

8.4. In order to provide the service, Upsteem.com also has the right, in accordance with the contract and the law, to transfer and process personal data with our partners in accordance with the following table:



Service type

The data to be transferred

The purpose of data processing


Mailing service

Email address, the content of invitation emails

Sending emails (invitations and reminders)


Active pixel

Attached to an email, the recipient's information will be returned

Information about receiving and opening e-mails


Personal link

Connected to the survey, methodology, and respondent demographics

Fulfillment of the survey methodology, convenient data processing

Google Analytics


Answering view

Answering view load analysis


Valid from 01.01.2020.


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