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HR Admin module

The HR evaluation module can be accessed by users who have the role of HR Manager or Manager in the organisation (read more about user roles and privileges here). If you have these privileges in any organisation, the personnel evaluation module icon will appear on your screen.

The personnel evaluation module can be accessed:

  • from your own desktop, in the “My applications” section
  • from the organisation desktop, in the “My applications” section

Clicking on the icon will bring up the personnel evaluation module screen, which has four options:

  • surveys – compile, modify, copy and archive personnel evaluation and appraisal forms (templates);
  • structure – the organisation’s structure along with all units and positions, structure admin, adding and deleting employees, initiate evaluations and appraisals;
  • feedback – the organisation’s in-progress and completed personnel evaluations and appraisals;
advertisements – compiling advertisements for job vacancies in the organisation, evaluation of candidates for the positions.

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Viewing, copying, compiling and archiving personnel evaluation and appraisal forms

Templates for evaluation and appraisal forms, which are to be used as a basis for evaluation, can be compiled by choosing SURVEYS from the first menu tab. The forms fall into the following categories:

  • personnel evaluation – personnel evaluation templates
  • appraisal – appraisal templates
  • archive – archived templates, not to be used for evaluations and appraisals

Choose either evaluation or appraisal to begin compiling the form.

The team has provided you with some sample forms to get you off to an easier start.

You can use the following for evaluations and appraisals:

  • preset system templates
  • copy and then customise system templates
  • compile new templates from scratch

Click on a template in the list to preview it. To copy the template, click on the copy icon. To modify it, click on the pencil icon. To archive the template – that is, remove it from active use – click on the archive icon.

You cannot change system templates and templates compiled by other users, but you can copy any of the existing templates to use as the basis for the one you are compiling.

To start compiling a new template from scratch, click the "New evaluation template" button.

Templates can be prepared in more than one language. The respondent will see the form in the language that matches his or her interface language settings.

The possible types of evaluation templates include:

  • regular
  • halfway through probationary period
  • end of probationary period
  • extraordinary evaluation
  • internship summary

The possible types of appraisal templates are the following:

  • regular
  • extraordinary

Based on the type assigned to the form, the form is placed in either the regular or extraordinary evaluation/appraisal section – be sure to make a note of this when the evaluation/appraisal is launched. All types besides “regular” can be selected from the extraordinary evaluation/appraisal module.

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Forming the organisational structure and adding employees

You can add a new organisation by clicking on the button “Add new organisation” in the right pane of your desktop window. This will bring up the organisation profile screen. After you fill in the required field and hit “Save”, the organisation is created. The organisation creator will automatically be added to the organisation and assigned to the Manager and Administrator roles (more on user roles and privileges). A user in the Manager role automatically has access to the HR Admin module.

To make changes to the structure of an existing organisation, go to the HR Admin module directly from your desktop. Go to the Structure screen and start adding departments and positions.

  • To add positions and invite people, click on “Add employment” either on the organisation level or for a relevant department. In the workplace profile that pops up to the right, you can add the name of the position, invite a person to work in that position, remove the position or launch a job tender for that position
  • To add a department, click the button "Add department". This will bring up the profile of the department to be created. Enter the required information and hit “Save”.
  • To add a sub-department for a department, click the "Add department" button next to the department.
  • To change or delete a department, click on the “Modify department” or “Remove department” button next to the department.
  • Departments with positions may not be deleted. If you want to delete a department, first remove the people working there (“End employment relationship” button) and then remove the positions (“Remove position” button).

People are added to positions by inviting them. Clicking on the “Invite people” button on the position profile brings up the search and invite form. It is always a good idea to first check whether the person you are about to add is already a registered user in the system. Only then invite the person via e-mail using the invite form below.

People can also be added immediately without sending invitations – click the “Add this person” button on the search results or on the e-mail invite form.

Invitations can be sent later – the “invitation” button appears by the names of all uninvited people and clicking it sends an invitation to the corresponding person.

If the person has been invited to the position but has not responded to the invitation, a “reminder” button will appear by his or her name. Click the button to send a second invitation.

To assign roles to users in departments, go to the profile of the corresponding department (“Modify department” button) and set the roles for the users there.

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Initiating evaluation and appraisal for an employee

Evaluations and appraisals are initiated from the position profile in the HR Admin module. Select the employee who is to undergo evaluation or appraisal and click the button in his or her position profile:

  • "Start evaluation" – opens the evaluation template selection screen
  • "Start appraisal" – opens the appraisal template selection screen

Both evaluations and appraisals can be either regular or irregular. Based on the type assigned to the templates, they will be displayed as selections in either the regular or irregular evaluation/appraisal module.

Choose the desired form from the appropriate module and hit “Select and continue ". This will bring up the response send form, where you can:

  • add and remove the evaluators suggested by default and add a personal comment to each evaluator, which will be added to the standard invitation text
  • set a deadline for reply
  • add a general comment that is sent out to all evaluators – it will be added to the standard invitation text
  • if necessary, make changes to the survey form
  • send the survey form to the evaluators for reply – the “Send” button
  • discontinue sending the survey form for now – the system will remember the selected survey form and evaluators and the next time you initiate evaluation from the position profile of that employee, you will have the option of continuing the unsent evaluation (Continue button) or deleting it (“Cancel evaluation” button) and selecting a new form and then re-selecting the evaluators on the send form.

When you send the evaluation or appraisal form to the respondents, each evaluator receives an invitation requesting them to provide their evaluation of the evaluee. The invitation will appear for the registered users in the system under the thumbtack icon on the top menu bar, and they will also get an e-mail notification if e-mail messages have been enabled for the user. Users not registered in the system (such as clients and partners whom you have asked to evaluate the employee) will receive the invitation by e-mail.

Note: All messages displayed in the system and forwarded to an e-mail address will be in English by default. If a user sets his or her user interface language to some other language, he or she will henceforth get notifications and messages in that language.
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Administering in-progress and completed evaluations and appraisals

You can keep track of evaluations and appraisals in the Feedback screen in the Personnel admin module. The evaluations and appraisals are distributed into three sub-screens:

  • in progress – all evaluations and appraisals that have been sent out and are awaiting response
  • completed – archive of closed evaluations and appraisals

To get detailed information on a specific evaluation or appraisal, click on the evaluation or appraisal desired. This will bring up a detailed view, where you can:

  • track the evaluators' progress in responding, and send a reminder to ones who have not responded (clock icon)
  • view the assessments and responses received (“Respondents” screen)
  • cancel/delete the evaluation / ("Respondents" screen, "Cancel" button)
  • close a form for responses ("Responses" screen), meaning that the evaluees cannot send responses any more, they will be notified upon opening the form that responses are closed
  • send a notification to the evaluee after responses are closed that the evaluation is closed, with a link or reference to the summary ("Result" screen, "Send summary" button), you can also add a comment
  • print the form as a PDF ("Result" screen)
in the case of an evaluation, immediately initiate an appraisal for the same employee (“Result" screen, "Launch appraisal" button)

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