feedback and 360-degree feedback

Efficient feedback allows to get a fast and relevant overview of the internal climate of a company and make reasoned choices in promoting and motivating employees. Employees, clients and partners of a company provide invaluable feedback – use that advantage!

Times of using giving feedback:

360-degree feedback

The main feature of the method is gathering information on the evaluable employee from as many sources as possible. As a rule, feedback is collected from the employee, their direct supervisor, subordinates, colleagues and clients. An invaluable aspect for the company is client feedback collected during 360-degree feedback. Each group of evaluators brings a unique viewpoint into the 360-degree feedback.

Information received from different sources creates a complete picture that precludes the subjectivity of one party. The result is a broad and structured overview of the employee’s capacity across different aspects. The method is excellent for an employee’s development and goal setting.

Upsteem’s advantages in creating feedback systems:

Using Upsteem’s feedback system enables to save the time of human resources workers and make the service culture of the company more open – thereby becoming more transparent.


Using human resources software results in an open company!


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