Strategy and implementation trainings

Managing change can be difficult at times. Don’t worry – we help think through your HR strategy and implement the changes. We also help with internal communication.

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We conduct seminars and strategy workshops to set evaluation principles based on the organization’s values. We arrange practical trainings to implement the performance appraisal or evaluation process. 

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Creating an evaluation system – seminar for the management

We help your organization’s management find and word main values and key competences. We help think how to create your organization’s central feedback system. Seminar up to 1 day. 

  • Wording of values
  • Training on feedbacking
  • Choosing the components of the feedback system
  • Facing the fears of feedbacking
  • Communicating change
  • Implementation choices of feedbacking
  • Injecting values to the organization 
  • How does the evaluation system work 

Trainings to implement the system

We prepare the organization to use the technical system of feedback or performance appraisals. Separate training packages for main users, managers and employees. Length from 2 hrs up to 1 day. 

  • Demonstrating the benefits of an electronic system
  • User manuals for functions
  • Why organizations use an electronic feedback system?
  • Grounding fears 

Goes with:

Performance appraisals & reviews

360 degree feedback

Performance review and feedback trainings

We prepare managers to carry out performance reviews and feedbacking. We often to this in cooperation with the organization’s trainers and/or consultants. 

  • Workshop for managers
  • Part-introduction of Upsteem’s system
  • Feedbacking methods
  • Preparing and carrying out performance appraisals
  • Interim discussion sessions and coaching 
  • Grounding fears
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